About Brian Grandon

Rev. Brian Grandon, M.Div.

At the center of my belief is the understanding that the transformational experience of the Presence of God is available and within at all times, but awaits choice. Only we can choose to experience God. Nobody can do it for us, nor can we experience God for another.

Everybody controls their own reality, most are just naïve that they already have the power to choose. With a simple choice, one can exist in a hopeless hell or a heavenly realm. The power of that choice never leaves us, in or out of the body.

I considered myself an atheist during my teens, and then following a radical spiritual transformation at age 19, I began attending Charismatic churches, eventually traversing the spectrum of Christianity searching for higher Truth. I doubted the idea that "only" the followers of any single faith were saved and all others were doomed for hell. How could a kind and loving person be sent to eternal damnation? ~ Ridiculous

During a meeting with a Buddhist and Hindu, it became apparent that their inner spiritual practices were virtually identical to mine. At that moment, I recognized the prevailing truth in our paths and that the core of each of us was the same Holy Spirit. I consider myself spiritual, seeing more comfortably through the lens of pluralistic Christianity, due to my history. However, I do also include teachings from the Buddha and modern spiritual teachers. I believe there are degrees of Truth everywhere and no single belief system "owns" the Truth.

I believe God is The Unchanging Radiance of unconditional Love, incapable of anger or jealousy. Metaphorically, God is like the Sun. If we are experiencing anything but light it is due to naivete, attachments or aversions. If we surrender these hindrances we will discover the Light never left, we unwittingly walked under clouds of our own creation.

When you walk into our church, you are loved and accepted just as you are. You don't have to embrace any particular dogma for acceptance. You are accepted and loved already.

Welcome home!

"The experience of the Presence of God is available and within at all times, but awaits choice."

- Dr. David Hawkins

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