Living Room Conversations

Dear Church Family,

This past Sunday 8 of us gathered in a circle for our first "Living Room Conversation", a series of safe and facilitated conversations that we are hosting concurrently with many other New Thought congregations in the Southwest region.  The topics may appear to be divisive ones in a time that many describe as a 'polarized age'.  However, as we sat in this sacred circle sharing our ideas of the world as we see it and expressing our desire for the world as we dream for, I felt a heart connection with the other seekers in our circle.  The subject was "Peace Building in the U.S." and explored the concept of "us vs. them."  As I grew up it was evident there was always an 'us' (or in my mind - the Good Guys) and a them (the Not-so-good Guys or we even thought of them as enemies.)  There is a lot of artificial power in belonging to 'us'.  In my world 'us' was always right and God (Truth) was on our side.  Conversely, 'them' were wrong and came and may be a projection of evil.  

As my awareness changed I began to identify more with 'them'.  It was a shocking realization to discover that those very people who I once vilified (them) were now my new group of 'us'.  Moreover, the former group that I so proudly belonged to was now 'them'.  And I was even more outraged because I felt the old group lied to me.  

If you are confused at this point - it is intentional.  It is a maddening and unnecessary experience to live in a 'us' vs. 'them' world.  In short, my awareness grew to understand there is no 'us' or 'them' in the spiritual realm.  'Us' and 'them' are distractions from our One Source - God.   Whenever we think or feel love, kindness, constructive, happiness we will produce that world.  Whenever we think or feel fear, degenerate, separateness, and lack we'll experience that world.  The world of 'us' vs. 'them' creates fear and separation.  
While I am now aware there is no 'us' or 'them' I still experience the separateness because of old programming and habits.  Being an 'us' gives a false sense of power and righteousness.  Having a 'them' is another way of saying "I may not be perfect, but at least I'm not that."  Having a 'them' is a false sense of superiority.  I'm growing into releasing this experience of separation.  I am growing into seeing us as "WE".  I close with this affirmation:  WE are God's beloved.  We ARE God's beloved.  We are GOD's BELOVED!
Many Blessings,
Pastor Robert