Unity Thrift Boutique


Unity Thrift Boutique


Our current Thrift Boutique was the result of a passionate group coming together after the November 2012 Town Hall meeting. This group realized we were called to this work based on our past endeavors, experiences and current talents.  We collaboratively created a plan that allowed us to open our doors for the Christmas season of 2012. And it has not only met it's goals but has often exceeded them when we are able to provide something a visitor to our store needs at just the price they need to pay for it! Financially we  often supports the church with excess funds for other church needs.  We now have 3 rooms, one primarily for clothes and jewelry, one for housewares and one for light furniture. We have artwork and bookcases in the hallways to showcase other things for sale. You have never seen a Thrift Boutique like this one!

Items are new or nearly new donations so our cost in the merchandise is low so we can keep our prices low as well. Purchasing and donating to our Thrift Shop is a responsible thing to do as it keeps used but still useable items out of landfill areas.  We are so blessed by all the people who support our shop but bringing such good condition donations. We accept new or nearly donations during the time our doors are open.

UnityThrift Boutique Hours of Operation:


Wednesdays and Fridays  10am to 3 pm

Saturdays 9am to 2pm

                                                                Sundays 11:30am to 3pm



This work is an Outreach effort from our church for which we are very proud.  It has offered many in our congregation the chance to use their gifts in ways the church appreciates so handily.  It invites in neighbors who are so pleased with the compassionate and caring way they are treated that some decide they too want to help out, who eventually join our church in helping out in this way.  

We are blessed with trained volunteers know how to work with interested people on our congregation or our community that are willing to volunteer.   

Running a thrift boutique takes lots of talents and we are so blessed to have the talents we need and more.  We are always looking for help in the store dusting and cleaning up for help to sort incoming goods, etc., for vacation and holiday help, and a variety of other things you can learn about if you are interested in helping.


Unity Thrift Boutique 

350 Prescott Street

El Cajon, CA 92020

For more information please contact Rev. Ann Dunican