What is mine to do?

I read this recently and it resonates perfectly with me today: “Nothing is permanent. All beginnings have endings. Guidance, when it becomes clear, must be followed.”

What this means to me is that I am not to compromise in my decisions or actions when it comes to following Divine Guidance. I truly believe following the direction of the Holy Spirit is necessary to be aligned with our higher purpose; it's the prerequisite for us to discover “how good life can get.” Therefore, before making any type of significant decisions, I prayerfully wait until I have clarity from Holy Spirit.

Since Rev Kristen and I announced our engagement last year many of you have asked, “So, which one of you is moving?” We have answered in integrity every time, “We don’t know yet. We both believe we are doing precisely what we have been called to do, and we both love what we are doing.” Often I jokingly added, “All I can say for sure is that Kristen loves the beach a lot more than I like Kansas City!”  Our hope was that we could merge our calling and serve together. With that vision in mind, there was a sense of Peace that came over both of us. And so, we set that intention and prayerfully opened ourselves to the possibilities.

A month later, out of the blue, we received a call from someone representing a church’s search committee inviting us to apply for an opening. Neither the church nor this person had any knowledge of our intentions, since it was not public. This appeared to be orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. After prayerful consideration we believed applying was in the Highest Good, so we followed the Unity Worldwide Ministries protocol and submitted our package to them. Whether it is that path or another, what is clear is that I’m being called away.

When I drafted this letter, we were preparing for our Annual Meeting. My inner conflict has been significant. If I am being called away, my overwhelming concern is to do everything in alignment with the Highest Good for everyone here in our beloved community. But, if I were to stay at UCEC beyond my calling then I’d be occupying the space intended for another minister, obstructing UCEC from its Highest Good.

So it is with deep love and appreciation that I have for everyone at Unity Church of El Cajon that I must follow the leading of Spirit and move forward to the next chapter of “what is mine to do” in partnership with my bride, Rev Kristen. Therefore, Sunday, May 21st, our annual “Church at the Lake” picnic celebration will be my last day as senior minister of Unity Church of El Cajon. Our Board is aware and taking steps toward finding the next right minister that Spirit is stirring and now preparing. Unity Worldwide Ministries and our Southwest Regional Rep will be resources of advice and guidance for our Board throughout this process. I also commit to being of support as a steward throughout this transition period, knowing that Spirit is in charge and continually moving us all, collectively and individually, to a greater level of love and peace in Christ.

With love and deepest gratitude, 

Rev Brian