Speaking in your community

A Place of Faith

 A safe and supportive environment for nurturing, developing and sustaining Spirituality and recovery for anyone
on the path of growth and lasing change and their families and support systems.
 Our team of  Recovering Spiritual guides can bring messages and Lessons to you.
We can send a Guide to you in any environment where it is safe and allowable.
We practice social distancing and follow all safety recommendations.
 If you are looking for spiritual support and development that understands and honors the journey
of recovery call us, or click to email
 We are non-denominational and safe for anyone exploring developing spirituality,
even if they have a previos history of religios abuse.

Meet Our Spiritual Guides

Linda B brings decades of personal recovery, professional experience in several levels of treatment and over twenty years of personal spiritual development and is in her second year of metaphysical leadership classes.
Judy G. brings years of sobriety with her message of hope, transparency and simplicity as she shares her testimony with others in the recovery community. Professionally Judy is an Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator for her church and provides secretarial and bookkeeping services for her private clients.  Keeping balance in her life, she enjoys pickle ball, walking and golf with her spouse and privately she enjoys reading and writing.
Beci R brings 20 + years of personal recovery, professional experience and certifications in life/business coaching, workshop facilitation, mentoring, spiritual developement and teaching adults and youth.