Chemicalization Process Jan 15, 2021

Dear Church Family,
I don’t know about you, but my human experience has appeared chaotic this past few weeks. I follow the advice of health professionals and wear my mask, wash my hands, keep my distance, and avoid going out unless it is necessary. Yet, I grow in concern for the congregants and family members who “catch” Covid and find themselves in isolation or hospitalized. 
It also appeared that peaceful transfer of power that we in our nation have enjoyed in our lifetime, is challenged. People and families are split over ideas of patriotic duty & who is legitimately our leader on Jan 20.
The appearances of discord are overwhelming sometimes. Yet, historically it is a blip on the horizon of humanity. And not surprising as we continue on in the paradigm shift of consciousness. Last Friday several of us gathered on Zoom to share our concerns for the nation, world and each other. Linda Burdett suggested that the turmoil that appears in our human experience is much like “chemicalization” that Emilie Cadie and other New Thought teachers have offered. It’s a internal natural response to shift – it is the remnants of fear that surfaces when change occurs. It is adjusting in to a new understanding. 
I remember when I first began taking HIV medications. My decision to take them was long debated. I didn’t trust them. Yet, physically I felt I was spiraling towards death. I was warned there may be initial reactions to the medications that would be unpleasant – it may take time for my body to adjust to the chemicals that would benefit my life greatly. There were some initial unpleasant side effects – but in time (within a month) those subsided and the benefits of the medications were tremendous – offered me a new opportunity to live. 
It is in these times we look to Truth. Truth tells us that there is only ONE presence and power in the universe and in our lives – God the Good omnipotence. Truth tells us that ALL appearances of discord are created out of limited beliefs and thoughts not focused on God. Truth invites us to see past the appearances and project the love of the Christ, onto others. 
This may sound highfalutin in a time where appearance captures our attention. But as Truth Students we know it is a way to real peace and love that we are called to bring into awareness and unfold as consciousness. This is what we are here to do. 

Our nation (world) is going through a giant chemicalization process – Emilie Cadie suggested then – to move through the physical manifestation by holding onto the Truth. There is ONE presence and power active in the Universe (and in my life) God the Good, omnipotence. And so it is. 
Many blessings,
Pastor Robert Bright