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Game of Life

"The GAME OF LIFE and How to Play It"
by Florence Scovel Shinn

Wednesdays, Sept 27 – Oct 25 at 1pm in the Library,
Facilitated by Barbara Hightower & Pastor Robert. 
(We also meet on Thursdays)

and Thursdays, Sept 28-Oct 26 at 6pm in the Library
Facilitated by Heidi Wolin.

The book is Truth shared in simple language and great stories that easily illustrate how to use Truth Principles successfully. The author an illustrator whose work was popularized in children’s books, later became an influential metaphysical teacher. Let’s all play “the game” and enjoy life as we learn and grow in Truth together.

There are many editions of the book by multiple publishers. 
The facilitators are using the version published by DeVorss Publications.
Available on Amazon: list price is $5.95