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Got Prosperity?

Want to end the year with a deepened sense of Prosperity?

October is our month to explore our prosperity experience as we study "The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity", by Edwene Gaines. Rev. Gaines is an amazing communicator about the Laws of Giving and Receiving.
A Book Study will begin Oct 3, 2019 and meet each Thursday at 9:30 AM (before Classic Unity) in the Library. Each Sunday Pastor Robert will share a message on the themes presented in the book.
Expect transformation in your life through prosperous living!
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Live Authentically, Creatively, Powerfully, Prosperously!
Divine Audacity
by: Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
(Vice President of Prayer & Practice, Unity World Headquarters)
Book study co-facilitated by: Pastor Robert Bright and    Linda Burdett, Ministerial Candidate
Wednesday nights - Jan. 15-Mar. 25 - 6:30pm - Church Library
Thursday mornings - Jan. 16-Mar. 26 - 9:30am - Church Library
Divine Audacity looks at what 'divine light' is and how it is both audacious and natural  to claim it for ourselves.  The book sheds new light on Unity's traditional 12 Spiritual Powers and how we are all called to develop and learn to use them on a daily basis to change our lives and the world.
Love offering 
Sign-up sheets available in Narthex