Mission & Vision

Unity Church of El Cajon Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Vision

To be a welcoming spiritual home where the loving presence of God inspires and transforms lives.

Our Mission

Unity Church of El Cajon provides fertile ground for discovery, healing, support, connection and happiness.  Our lives, families and communities are transformed through prayer, meditation, inspiration, fellowship and fun.

Our Core Values

Acceptance, Loving Authentic Relationships, God-Centered Living, Inner-Peace.

At Unity Church of El Cajon you are accepted just as you are into a spiritual community of kind-hearted people where you can, and will, experience the Peace of God. Centered in God, we joyfully co-create a world filled with love, peace and joy. Unity is positive path for spiritual living. We teach the effective, daily application of the principles of Truth taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ. We also teach many of the world's sacred scriptures. We promote a way of life that leads to health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. Unity emphasizes the belief that God is Good, God is Love. Therefore, God's will for you is good... happiness, well-being and all that contributes to growing into your fullest potential. UCEC emphasizes the belief that the experience of the Presence of God is available and within at all times, but awaits your choice. Our True essence is divine, everlasting spirit, "created in the image and likeness of God." Unity does not demand that you subscribe to a specific creed. Unity does not ask whether you are a member of some particular organization. Unity does not require you to perform certain rites and practices. In all these matters, it leaves you free. This is one of the great characteristics of Unity. It leaves people free to respond to the Holy Spirit in the spiritual practice as directed from within, by the inner Guide. We support you in your spiritual journey, as long as your practices are peaceful and loving to God and people.

Unity's Five Principles

  • God is Source and Creator of all; Absolute Good everywhere present.
  • We are eternal spiritual beings with human bodies and minds created in God's image (Holy Spirit). Since our essence is divine all people are potentially amazing.
  • Our life experiences are formed by our way of thinking. Changing our way of thinking will change our life.
  • Through prayer and meditation, our hearts and minds become aligned with God and we are transformed by allowing our divine essence (Christ-likeness) to shine forth.
  • Knowing about these spiritual priciples is not enough, we must live and share them. Then the Truth will set us free!