Dec 12, 2020

Dear Church Family,
The news about the Corona Vaccines is encouraging! Sometimes when I think about the great power of Divine Love, I visualize the changes of medicine that our species has been granted through the evolving understanding of medicine. Our deepened understanding is a great statement of Divine Love, as it affirms we are open and receptive to new possibilities and manifestations of Understanding. Each new discovery throughout our species evolution led us to this moment to create vaccines to protect us from a life challenging virus. Scientists marvel at the speed in which these vaccines were discovered and produced – which tells me that whenever we put focused energy behind an intention the Source and Force of God through us will create masterpieces. And should we decided to put the same focused energy behind other challenges; freeing ourselves from fossil fuels and championing renewable energy, eliminating hunger, protecting our mother earth’s resources the Source and Force of God will work through us to create that solution.
The news was encouraging in the midst of devastating manifestations of our human experience with Covid. I hold in thought and prayer that each of us has done our best to make our world safe. As I have come to know and love you, I’ve seen you take measures to protect yourselves and others from passing the virus on. We’ve had three congregants to date that have reported being infected. It has been incredibly challenging for each of them. We don’t want any one infected so I affirm with you that through our understanding of God’s power in our lives we take action to protect ourselves and to protect of world.

Our global experience of Covid has tested our faith; some would say that the very thought of Covid is error thought, error consciousness. Covid is a human experience; just like any virus or degenerative physical manifestation are human experiences. Jesus instructed us to treat our body as a temple; being vigilant in keeping it pure and running efficiently. Therefore we take action to promote and protect our bodies through diet, activity, spiritual practice and intervention when necessary. We wear seat belts, drink lots of water, and take vitamins and walks to insure our health and safety. During this time of Covid we wear masks and maintain distance to protect ourselves and each other. We do this as an act of Divine Love. Divine Love provides the intelligence to make right decisions.
The human experience of Covid has been “humbug.” I’m grateful for the hope the new vaccines brings, because in the midst of doing the right thing in protecting ourselves and others, we longed for some good news. This ray of light opens the possibilities that 2021 will be very different from 2020. I am affirming the experience of Divine Love for us all. Or as Tiny Tim would say, “God bless us everyone!” Stay safe and healthy.
Many blessings,
Pastor Robert